Pilot training in Poland

The innovative training programme, prepared within the Erasmus+ project Find your inner inventor,was conducted in two schools in Bielsko-Biala, which are open to innovation especially in the field of supporting entrepreneurship:

  • II Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Adama Asnyka w Bielsku-Białej,
  • Zespół Szkół w Bielsku-Białej im. gen. Stanisława Sosabowskiego.

The main goal of those schools is to develop long-term cooperation with the University of Bielsko-Biala in the area of supporting young people entering the labour market.

The innovative training programme was – according to the designed plan – divided into 5 modules for schools purpopses named:

  1. Motivation and entrepreneurship
  2. Creating ideas / business opportunities
  3. Creativity and innovation  
  4. Resources and cooperation  
  5. Marketing and sales

Within those 5 modules all the topics reccommended by the project’s team and the coordinator in the Proposal of the course Find your inner inventor (Annex II of the Analysis of the educational needs of the students – Interim Reports) where included.

The first part of the pilot training started in June 2018 and over 90 pupils from the  classes specialized in entrepreneurship from Bielsko’s high schools took part in them. The second edition of pilot workshops took place in September/October 2018, and over 100 pupils participated.

In both groups of the pilot workshops the classes had various character – it was a combination of regular lectures, workshops in groups and individual work as well as common brain storm. Diversificated education tools helped to develop creative classes’  schedule in which the pupils were willing to take part – from class to class, their growing involvement was evidentely seen.

One of the results prepared by the pupils are the business plans and creative promotion – based on innovative entrepreneurship programme they have been working on their ideas, which will be officially presented on 19th of November 2018 during the inter-school contest.

The main objectives of the training programme are focused on developing an innovative didactic program for the secondary school students expanding competences in the field of entrepreneurship. For the mesaurments of the pupils’ progres in this area the competences and attitudes towards entrepreneurship were tested before and after the training programme. Moreover the project’s team conducted the shot interwievs among pupils to chceck if they  are satisfied with the classes and which part they like the most. All of the results will be summarized in the final report.