Interview with the entrepreneur – Mr. Jacek Krupa

Dagmara: You are the entrepreneur and the member of council of experts; how do you estimate such projects supporting entrepreneurship?

Jacek: Such projects are the great chance – especially for young people – to get practical knowledge and the feedback from the area of running your own company. For them it is the chance to reach the practice and convince that running the company it is not only the pleasure but firs of all enormous responsibility.

Dagmara: Do you think that schools should run more projects focused on supporting entrepreneurship?

Jacek: Of course. I know that schools don’t have additional budget for such trainings, but they can try to achieve the financial support from various educational programmes – like Erasmus+ Programme. Educational project is not only the advantage for pupils, but also added value for teachers. They can meet their pupils better and check them in real projects.

Dagmara: What was your additional value from the project?

Jacek: The possibility of being a member of council of experts was a huge honour for me and my company. Moreover it was a possibility to share my knowledge and experience during creation training programme. I was also participating in the conference and had a chance to see the business plans’ competition. Moreover the best value was possibility of working with young people!

Dagmara: You mentioned about business plans; how do you evaluate them?

Jacek: The competition had a very high level. All pupils were very engaged but also stressed. The ideas were interesting and some of the financial analysis were very professional. Business ideas were also fresh and I saw that they were feeling their ideas and believing in them.